The iGet Bar Plus portable electronic device is one of the most popular products in demand right now because of its eye-catching design and long battery life. One of the more widespread questions that potential clients ask is, ‘How long does it take to fully charge iGet Bar Plus’? This article about charging a device will provide some valuable information on this issue.

iGet Bar Plus Charging Time

Designed for optimal efficiency, the iGet Bar Plus is equipped with a charging mechanism that ensures fast and reliable recharge. Thanks to the built-in battery capacity and high charging technology, it can be fully recharged in a relatively short time.

Nevertheless, the amount of time it takes to charge an iGet Bar Plus is not constant and may change depending on several factors including battery life remainder, the power source used, and the charging current. It takes about 4-5 hours to charge fully iGet Bar Plus.

To power the iGet Bar Plus, plug one end of its micro-USB charging cable into it and another into an appropriate energy source. When the charging process begins, the LED indicator on this device will turn up.

After the LED indicator of iGet Bar Plus turns off, or changes color to indicate full charge it is advised that one should unplug from a power outlet in order not to overcharge.

The iGet Bar Plus is meant to provide long vaping sessions, and one full charge can keep you satisfied for several hours depending on how actively or occasionally need a hit. This enables vapers to enjoy their favorite flavors without worrying that battery power may run out.

Selecting the Appropriate Charger

A common mistake when it comes to iGet Bar Plus Vape charging is the use of the wrong charger. Using the charger that accompanies your iGet Bar Plus Vape or investing in a vaping device-specific charger is essential. The use of an inappropriate charger might lead to adverse outcomes such as overcharging or even ruining a consumer’s battery.

The Dos and Don’ts of Charging iGet Bar Plus Vape

After you have obtained the appropriate charger, let’s discuss the essential dos and don’ts to guarantee a secure charging process.


  1. Consult the manual: The user manual that comes with your iGet Bar Plus Vape is a good source of information for specific charging instructions. It is essential to follow the guidelines closely.
  2. Use a stable charging surface: When you charge the iGet Bar Plus Vape, place it on a stable and even surface. This safety measure is a preventive step that reduces the risk of inadvertent falls or damage to this charging port.
  3. Ensure timely plugging: Do not overcharge your iGet Bar Plus Vape. When it reaches full charge, detach from the socket to prevent its battery damage.
  4. Always inspect the charger: You should check the charger periodically to detect any signs of damage or exposed wiring. In case of any difficulties, do not think twice about replacing the charger at once.
  5. Ensure proper battery storage: If you have spare batteries to store, keep them away from sunlight and low temperatures not harmful to the battery.
  6. Use a suitable wall adapter: In general, a wall adapter with a higher output current means faster charging than when charged from the computer or power bank.


  1. Inappropriate chargers: Avoid using chargers that have not been specifically intended for vaping devices, including smartphone ones. These can provide you with incorrect voltage and threaten the integrity of your battery.
  2. Unattended charging: Although it is very tempting to forget your iGet Bar Plus vapes overnight leaving them on the charge, you need always supervise the charging process and disconnect them when needed for safety reasons. Moreover, overcharging tends to negatively affect the functionality and longevity of a battery. After the iGet Bar Plus LED indicator turns off or its color changes to signify a fully charged device, it is advised by the manufacturer that power should be disconnected.
  3. Extreme temperatures: Charging your iGet Bar Plus in extreme hot or cold temperatures should be avoided since it may influence the battery’s operation. Keep temperatures mild during charging.
  4. Simultaneous usage and charging: It is advisable not to use your iGet Bar Plus when it is being charged because the charging exerts strain on the battery thereby running a risk of overheating.
  5. Neglecting warning signs: Any type of anomalous behavior identified during charging, including possible overheating or strange smells should be followed by the instant disconnection of such a charger and seeking professional help in case it is necessary.

iGet Bar Plus Battery Preservation Practices

The battery is the core of your iGet Bar Plus, and maintaining its condition should be a priority. Here are essential tips for maintaining your battery’s longevity:

  1. Prevent deep discharges: Seek to prevent full discharge of the battery before recharging. These lithium-ion batteries perform well while they are maintained between 20 and 80 percent charged.
  2. Appropriate storage: In case you want to store your iGet Bar Plus for a long period, ensure that it is at least half-charged before storing it. This measure prevents the battery from being discharged too deep, which results in permanent damage.
  3. Replacement of aging batteries: As time passes, batteries require more power to operate properly. If you notice a sharp drop in battery life, it is time to think about changing.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

There may be occasional challenges with your iGet Bar Plus Vape battery or charging procedure. Here are common problems and potential remedies:

  1. Slow charging: If your iGet Bar Plus does not charge quickly, try using a different charger or clean the charging port.
  2. Overheating: If the iGet Bar Plus Vape gets too hot while charging, disconnect it immediately and let it cool down. Survey the area of the battery and atomizer for blockages.
  3. Blinking lights: Some iGet Bar Plus Vapes are fitted with LED indicators, which produce different blinking patterns to indicate problems. Refer to your user guide for the blinking code and take appropriate actions.
  4. Not charging: If your iGet Bar Plus Vape will not charge, check for loose connections and a dirty charging port; then verify that the charger works properly.


It usually takes around 4-5 hours to fully charge an iGet Bar Plus. But this may depend on such conditions as the battery level left, charging current, and power source used. It is necessary to use an appropriate power source and check the device while charging for a safe, efficient process. Powered with the iGet Bar Plus, vapers have an easy way of recharging their devices so that they can continue enjoying non-stop vaping sessions. If you come across leaking issues, please read our guide on IGET Bar Plus leaking.

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