The IGET Bar Vape Plus comes with a user-friendly replaceable pod system called the IGET Pods (IGET Bar Plus Pods), making it easy to switch between different e-liquid flavors. This innovative system also allows users to carry multiple pods, each containing a unique flavor, for convenient vaping on the go.

Although pod systems offer convenience, they can be prone to leaks. Dealing with leaky pods can be annoying, result in wasted e-liquid, and potentially damage the device over time. If vape juice gets into the device’s components, it can lead to malfunctions or even permanent damage.

Hence, it’s crucial to promptly address any leaking issues in the IGET Bar Plus and take preventive measures to avoid them in the future. This article will guide you through addressing and preventing these concerns. Keep reading to find out more!

Signs of IGET Bar Plus Leaking

  • Stains on Vape: On the exterior of the vape the visible juice stains indicate the leakage during use.
  • Greasy Sensation: While vaping if you feel the oily sensation it might be due to the juice leakage.
  • Scent: The e-juice in IGET Bar Plus has a significant scent. If you cannot sense the specific smell then it might be due to e-juice leakage. 

Causes of IGET Bar Plus Leaks

A lot of individuals prefer vaping over smoking as it is convenient and easy to use. Considering all the care and using IGET Bar Plus with sophistication still the IGET Bar Plus leaks. This is very tiring for vape lovers as sometimes the hands have the leaked juice, and clothes get stained if the leaked vape is placed in the pocket. The leaked juice is very bad in taste and by sucking sometimes the lips get the stinky treat as well.

While a small amount of liquid release during inhalation is considered normal, if a large amount of juice is available on the vape then for sure the vape you are using is leaking. The leakage happens if the tank of e-juice is not tight or has some cracks. The extent of leakage varies considering the problem with vape.

While every vape lover hates this problem don’t worry we will provide you with a complete solution. How you can prevent leakage of IGET Bar Plus.

Common IGET Bar Plus Leaking Reasons:

  • Not Used with Care: If the IGet Bar Plus vape is not used with proper care more pressure is applied and the vape is in the pocket then leads to leakage and damage.
  • Using Vape for Long Time: Without any rest using vape can lead to heat up and burn the coil leading to bad taste. After some time the coil doesn’t work due to overload and surpassing the optimum capacity to perform the smooth flow that eventually leads to leakage.
  • Weak Battery: If you are vaping at a low battery then it might lead to e-juice leakage. A low battery might not vaporize the e-juice as required, and a lot of vape lovers don’t consider this factor.
  • Damaged Vape: Sometimes the vapes are broken in the delivery process and this is not the fault of the manufacturer or any other person but this leads to cracks, and defects, resulting in leakage.
  • Continuous Vaping: Continuous vaping can cause e-liquid leaking from the inhaling side of the vape. This happens when e-juice is drawn into the coil too abruptly for vaporization, creating excess e-juice to be from the mouthpiece and causing leakage.
  • Buying a Fake IGET Bar Plus:  Buying a copy of IGET Bar Plus will always result in disappointment as it will never provide the same quality and vaping experience the vape lovers crave and the fake vapes do not pass the safety test for e-juice storage resulting in significant problems.

Solutions for IGET Bar Plus Leaking

  • Excess E-juice: Sometimes just disconnecting the vape, inserting the tissue at the bottom of the vape, and a slight blow from the mouthpiece to clean the excess e-juice, and re-inserting the vape can remove sort out the leakage issue.
  • Keeping Vape in a Safe Place: Keeping the vape in a safe place will save the vape from leaks and damage make sure the IGET Bar Plus is not placed where children can easily have access.
  • Check for Inside Stains: Confirm there are no stains in the vape and make sure the vape is properly inserted. Stains in the pipe may reduce airflow and cause unvaporized e-juice to leak from the mouthpiece.
  • Daily Changing Vape: The disposable vapes must be replaced timely considering the vaping frequency. To keep the optimal performance, maintain the servicing of vape. 
  • Maintain Battery Levels: Keep your vape battery charging pattern consistent.  The rate of charging depends on your average usage but it is advised to charge every few days. The IGET Bar Plus typically charges in 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Inhale Calmly:  Inhaling calmly will keep the vape away from any coil damage and also results in providing a better and smoother taste. It also provides the relaxing sensation of a treat you give to your lungs.
  • Change the IGET Bar Plus Vape: The IGET Bar Plus Vape comes in different flavors, if you see a considerable e-juice leakage in your IGET Bar Plus Pod then change it swiftly.
  • Buying Genuine IGET Bar Plus: The only way you will enjoy the real vaping experience is if you use the original vape and you can only get the genuine IGET Bar Plus from the official website or authorized distributor. Follow the guidelines below while purchasing IGET Bar Plus.
    • You must verify the serial number of IGET Bar Plus.
    • Only consider buying your IGET Bar Plus from reputable distributors.
    • Keep caution when facing unusually low prices for IGET Bar Plus.
    • The branding says it all, keenly check the packaging and labels of the IGET Bar Plus product.

Buy IGET Bar Plus from CheapVape

Just as stated above, purchasing genuine IGET Bar Plus reduces the likelihood of leakage. This can be avoided by choosing a reliable purchasing channel. We Cheapvape are renowned for our quality and service and guarantee the authenticity of IGET Bar Plus. Come and buy now!

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