iGet vape devices have become quite popular among vape lovers because they are so convenient and simple to use. But just like any electrical gadget, iGet vapes could have regular issues that ruin your vaping pleasure. So, is your iGet vape not working? Don’t fret.

Welcome to the comprehensive tutorial on resolving typical iGet vape problems. I want to share my expertise and assist you in getting the most out of this amazing vaping device as an iGet vape lover and seasoned user. Discover the most frequent problems with iGet Vape and their fixes in this article to have a smooth and enjoyable vaping experience.

11 Most Common Issues of IGET Vape Not Working

1. Limited or No Vapor Production

If your iGet vape device does not generate any vapor, this is one of the most frequent problems consumers run into. This can be very irritating especially if you plan to enjoy vaping. The initial solution to this issue is verifying that the gadget has been charged enough. If the battery is low, then it does not have enough power to heat up the e-liquid and create vapor. Just wait till the vape reaches full charge while connecting it to a charger. Examine the connection between the battery and the atomizer if this doesn’t fix the problem. A loose connection may occasionally keep the gadget from heating up. Ensure that the connection is stable and if necessary, remove any debris or dirt on the contact points since this could be what causes poor connections.

2. Leaking

Another common issue with the IGET vape is the leaking of e-liquid. This may not only waste your valuable e-liquid but also make using the device dirty. The first step to take as soon as you notice e-liquid leaking from your device would be to ensure that the pod or tank has been properly screwed on. A connection that is not perfectly tight may sometimes lead to leaking. Also, check the coil in the tank or pod to ensure is stable. A leak may form if the coil is worn out or damaged as it cannot produce a proper seal. Check if swapping the coil with a new one solves it. Secondly, avoid filling the pod or tank to its full capacity as this could lead to leakages. To prevent any complications, fill in your device as the manufacturer indicates.

3. A Burnt Taste

Another issue that consumers could have with the IGET vape is a burnt taste. There are several potential reasons for this bad flavor; however, a worn-out coil is usually the source. Long-term usage of e-liquid results in accumulation on the coil, which burns and imparts an unpleasant taste. To solve this issue, simply replace the coil with a new one. Additionally, check that you are using the correct wattage coil. A burnt taste may result in using the device at a higher wattage than recommended. Ultimately, soaking the coil in e-liquid for a short time is essential if you have just exchanged it. Through this, the e-liquid is completely absorbed by the coil thus preventing any adverse effects such as dry hits that may lead to a burnt taste.

4. Device Doesn’t Turn On

If your iGet vape does not power up, do not worry as there are a couple of ways to resolve the issue. First, verify that the battery has been fully charged. If there is a low battery in the device, use the included USB cord to charge it. Second, if necessary check and clean the battery connection points. A mass of dust or dirt can impede good electrical contact. Last, in order to eliminate any problems arising from the storage tank ensure that you try using another tank for running your gadget. These troubleshooting steps should allow you to diagnose and rectify the problem, bringing your device back online in no time.

5. Battery Issues

One of the major issues that iGet Vape customers encounter is with batteries. The iGet Vape device may not turn on if the battery connection is improper. Make sure the battery is in its right place and that it has been fully charged properly. In case the problem remains unresolved, it would be required to change the battery.

6. Dry Hits

Dry hits can come on suddenly and unpleasantly. This issue frequently arises when the coil is not adequately saturated with liquid or when the pod is empty. Always keep your pods filled to the brim to prevent dry hits, and let the device sit for a few minutes to make sure the coil is well-saturated.

7. Your device Auto-Fires

There is a danger with auto-firing in which the device begins to operate without your approval. If your iGet Vape is firing itself, turn it off immediately and contact customer service if you require additional assistance. This is an emergency, and the issue must be resolved immediately to avoid danger.

8. Issues with Charging

If your iGet Vape is not charging, check to ensure that you are using an appropriate charger and cable. Also, make sure that the charger is stably plugged into the device, and do not forget about any dust within it. In the event that this issue remains unresolved, it may become necessary to change batteries.

9. Inconsistent Flavor

In some cases, you may notice that the flavor of your vape is inconsistent. This could be due to an old or poor-quality pod. To ensure a consistent flavor, it’s recommended to use only genuine iGet Vape pods. Also, make sure that the connections within your device are secure, and clean your device regularly to maintain optimal performance.

10. Pod Connectivity Problems

At times, the pod may fail to connect properly with the device. This can typically be corrected by ensuring that the pod is properly affixed and secured. If this doesn’t solve the problem, try using a different pod to determine whether the issue lies with a particular device.

11. Gurgling Sounds

Gurgling sounds are symptomatic of too much liquid swelling in the mouthpiece. This is a common issue, but it’s one that can be addressed with a few simple steps. First, ensure the pod is in place, clean it off, and remove it. This should eliminate the gurgling.

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The iGet disposable vape makes your vaping experience even more awesome than ever possible. By knowing the components and general trouble-shooting techniques, any complications that may arise can be easily resolved. Now that you know how to fix your iGet vapes, remember that vaping is more enjoyable if your device has been updated. Contact the brand’s customer care service in case you have any concerns or if your issues seem to be aggravating. They are dedicated to supporting and ensuring satisfaction with the iGet vaping device.

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