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3000 Puff Vape Collection

Are you looking for a convenient and easy smoking solution? Look no further than the 3000 puff vape. With its small size and portability, the 3000 puff disposable vape is perfect for vaping on the go. Additionally, it usually features a larger battery capacity or a rechargeable battery, allowing for longer usage time and extended smoking sessions.

CHILLAX GO 3000 Puff Vape

Chillax Go Pod is a high-performance disposable e-cigarette with a chewable mouthpiece and food-grade silicone mouthpiece, offering an impressive capacity of 3000 puffs. It utilizes advanced technology and a high-quality e-liquid formula to deliver an excellent smoking and flavor experience. The 500mAh rechargeable battery with Type-C ensures worry-free smoking. Stay energized and ready for your next use. It offers a variety of attractive flavor options to cater to different users’ tastes.

YUOTO 3000 Puff Vape

YUOTO vapes are popular in Australia. Their hero product – the Yuoto Fox features a user-friendly design that is easy to use and carry. It contains 5.0% nicotine (50 mg/ml), providing a smooth and satisfying experience for both experienced and new vapers. With a large 1000mAh battery capacity, it can deliver up to 3000 satisfying puffs. No need to charge or add e-liquid, making it suitable for a quick and convenient vaping experience.

ELF BAR 3000 Puff Vape

The ELF BAR BC3000 is a rechargeable disposable vape device with a built-in 650mAh battery. When the battery is depleted, simply connect the device to a Type-C USB port for charging. The charging time may vary but typically takes between 30 to 90 minutes. This vape utilizes an advanced intelligent heating system and a high-quality e-liquid formula to deliver excellent smoke concentration and a smooth taste. It comes pre-installed with a 10.5ml e-liquid capacity, providing up to 3000 puffs.

How Many Cigarettes in a 3000 Puff Vape

The equivalent of a 3000 puff disposable vape in cigarettes varies depending on various factors, such as the size of the drag and individual smoking habits. However, on average, it can be roughly estimated to be equivalent to approximately 250 cigarettes.

How Long Does a 3000 Puff Vape Last

The number of 3,000 puffs of cigarettes may vary depending on the individual and their smoking habits. If you smoke for shorter periods and use it occasionally, it can last anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. If you’re a heavy vaper, constantly puffing on the device, a 3000 puff disposable vape should last for about 5-6 days as you will deplete the e-liquid and battery faster.

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